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Have you or a family member ever been to the hospital and realized there are two kinds of medical staff? The ones that are there for a paycheck, you can tell they would rather be somewhere else, and that you were not the most important person at that time. Then, there are the ones that give you 100%, they care because they have a passion for what they do. This is true in all professions.
Breathe Rite is our passion; we take pride in knowing that when we leave a clients house, they feel good about our services, and understand what we did and why. We walk each customer through the property and show them everything, while providing them with not only an understanding of what work needs to be done but also how to maintain it in the future. We will not leave until we feel that we have given our customers a full understanding of how their system works and which services would be beneficial. A written inspection and estimate is provided on every job.
We take care of every customer like they are family. We want what is best for you.
We are the ones that care! We always give 100%, and you will be able to clearly see that in our work!
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Julia (St. Louis)
"I would recomend these guys to anyone, Richard and Kris were so professional, and even gave me recomendations on how to maintain my system. They will be coming back to clean my carpet! I will recomend them to everyone."