Air Duct Pricing

*please remember that vents and returns are different. Vents blow the air into your house from the main line (if applicable), Returns send the air back into your unit. Vents, Returns, and mains (main lines), are all quoted differently due to the methods of cleaning they need*

Vents (feeder ducts)- $12.00 each on floor,  15.00 each on or at celling

Returns- $15.00 each

Main “trunk” line- $25.00 per 15 foot

System Inspection- $59.00

Sporicidin- 11.00 per opening

A/C coils 100.00-250.00 each depening on type and unit

Blower Motor 100.00-250.00 each depending on type and unit

Outside condenser- 100.00-200.00 depending on unit

Furnace Flue- 75.00-175.00 depending on type

Opening for Main lines- 20.00 each

***All other components of the system will need to be inspected prior to us being able to give any kind of estimate***

We also offer disinfectants, deodorizers, and mildiside for additional cost. Please inquire

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Julia (St. Louis)
"I would recomend these guys to anyone, Richard and Kris were so professional, and even gave me recomendations on how to maintain my system. They will be coming back to clean my carpet! I will recomend them to everyone."